Red bull, Monster…¿Presuntamente Mortal?


¿Que se esconde detrás de las muertes por consumo de este tipo de bebidas? La realidad, en este vídeo?

Youtube  :  elarrecife


  1. It is true, the cafein ( and the glucuronolacton)are potent stimulants and metabolic active substances. When you receive a tin of beverage the problem is not the industry the problem is the scientific team who haven t consider the techniological side effects of the product.They have not studied technopathogenology to avoid the collateral effect or later problem. The safety of a new product have to be safe before it delivered in the market.When the people will be sick or dead is too late.The human being is not a Guinea pig . by any chance, people who can think differently?Is people that are other oppinion?


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